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WANT TO SELL YOUR CAR? We buy your car for cash. Best price for your vehicle.

Cash4CarsMP and Cash4CarsGP is part of the Infinity Auto Ermelo Group.


Want to sell your car for the best cash price?

It’s so easy with Cash4CarsGP. We will be there to assist you every step of the way, with a personal expert reginal buyer being just a phone call or WhatsApp away.

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Our regional buyer will contact you and you will receive confirmation of your submission

via email and WhatsApp. Thereafter, your personal consultant will call you for more details and or pictures. A viewing will be arranged & sale finalized.  An on-site inspection will be arranged by us to

ensure your car matches your profile (all offers are subject to inspection). Paperwork is then

completed, payment arranged, and the sale concluded. Best cash price guaranteed.

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